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Welcome to Smart Energy Management System
At Smart Energy Management System, energy conservation is at the core of all we do. By providing sustainable technology solutions to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, we help save excessive costs on energy usage. We understand the dire needs of energy management solutions and have put forth our Smart Grid software that consistently brings our clients a plethora of benefits.
We make use of advanced technology that combines web interfaces with standard data-access techniques to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. This enhances our clients' profits, saves their time, cuts down their costs and most importantly reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions. This advanced monitoring system is made use to full capacity with the linking of the back-office systems with the consumer energy portal to get a grip on energy usage.
Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) keeps abreast with the latest in new developments and emerging technologies to provide energy efficient solutions to the energy industry, both to utilities and consumers.
How SEMS Benefits Utility Companies?
Our Smart Grid software lets your consumers have an effortless transition to the smart grid, thereby allowing energy management in the smart way. Utility companies can use energy information to efficiently balance the supply and demand forces and prevent any serious energy issues. This implies that optimum use can be of the grids, thereby enhancing efficiencies and smart savings.
Since Smart Grid software does not require any advanced software installation, it is a user-friendly Plug And Play application that can be easily incorporated in your company's network. SEMS's Smart Grid understands that the sheer volume of data involved in energy management and therefore allows smart information processing in both real time and batch methods.
Apart from intelligent energy management and storage, Smart Grid even understands the needs of your customers. By providing your consumers with Utility Bill Pre Payment plans, they can make better energy decisions.
How SEMS Benefits End Users?
SEMS provides provide software as a service (SAAS) solutions to energy companies so that they can connect their residential and industrial customers to the smart grid. We help our end-consumers reduce their carbon footprint by a considerable amount by letting them analyze their energy consumption patterns.
Our noteworthy comprehensive energy management solutions include Consumer Bill Projections, Demand-Response solutions, Pre Payment Plans and Consumer Billing Solution (GridFirst). At Smart Energy Management System, we ensure that all our software are highly reliable and are based on secure technology. Moreover, these fast, comprehensive and hassle-free energy management solutions do not require any manual software updates. Thus means your customers can enjoy smart, pre-determined bills that closely reflect your real time energy usage right in the comfort of their own homes or even on the go through their smartphones.
Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) directly addresses the key energy and resource management challenges which individuals and enterprises face daily. Our solutions are a step towards smarter financial, operational, and environmental goals in the midst of an impending energy crisis.